19 Home Renovation Mistakes To Avoid


Home renovations are more popular than ever before, but this isn’t a journey for the faint of heart. To streamline the process and set yourself up for success, avoid these mistakes:


1. Forgetting about permits

Head to the permitting department at your city or county office and ask them what you’ll need.


2. Setting an unrealistic timeline

Your timeline needs to reflect realistic estimates that you’re hearing from contractors, and a little bit of wiggle room.


3. Creating an unrealistic budget

Like your timeline, your budget needs a little bit of room to stretch.


4. Buying the cheapest materials

The adage “you get what you pay for” is as true for home renovation materials as anywhere else. 


5. Skipping prep work

The small steps you take will be well worth the time in the long run.


6. Taking inaccurate measurements

If there’s one home renovation mistake that you should try to avoid at all costs, no matter what, this is it.


7. Starting without a plan

If you’re renovating a room or an entire house, then you need a game plan for exactly what you’re doing and when.


8. Failing to anticipate a mess

A home renovation is usually a big, messy project. Some of your rooms might not be usable.


9. Following trends

Nothing dates a house quite like a trend. Consider asking your contractor about a modern twist or spin on a classic look.


10. Using the wrong tools

Each tool was specifically designed to do one job, and to do it very well.


11. Selecting the wrong paint

Paint comes in so many different finishes and price ranges because it’s meant to be used in different ways.


12. Choosing materials that aren’t sustainable

Even if you aren’t environmentally conscious, there’s a lot of merit in considering “green” building materials.


13. Ignoring additional storage opportunities

Almost every house has some odd nooks and crannies that could use a little attention.


14. Neglecting safety measures

Make sure you’re following best practices for safety for any renovations you’re helping with.


15. Failing to secure subcontractors or backup

Make sure you have a backup plan for what you’ll do if something unexpected happens.


16. Hiring the first (or cheapest) contractors you talk to

You may be tempted to make an “easy” decision. Resist! This is your home, a huge financial investment.


17. Being afraid to think big

Sometimes homeowners just don’t know what’s possible in a renovation, but you might be surprised.


18. Overbuilding

A room can start to look and feel overwhelming if you don’t consider balance when you’re making your plans.


19. Changing your mind

Before you take the first step on your renovation journey, make sure that your mind is set in stone.

If you can avoid these mistakes, your renovation will undoubtedly make your house shine. Good luck!